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Popular Equb Service

Popular equb connects equbtegnas with similar interests via app, enabling safe equb creation easily and securely.

Merchants Equb

Designed for merchants, offering reliable financial solutions with collective savings and a chance to win the group’s lottery.

Drivers Equb

Customized for drivers, providing secure group savings options with regular deposits and lottery-based payouts.

Employees Equb

A tailored equb service for employees, enabling seamless group savings with monthly deposits.

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We provide the safe equb services

Group Equb

Group Equb is for creating equbs among pre-agreed members, ensuring a closed and trusted group.

Inkind Equb

In-kind equb enables starting equbs for goods like Phone, TV, Laptops, Car, facilitating item exchanges.

Corporate Equb

Corporate equb allows corporate employees to create and join equbs exclusively for their workplace community.

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